Who’s Got Next

There is a Thursday night game this week, but outside of their own fans very few people seem to care.  The Colts vs Titans is a division match up with a lot of implications but few people seem excited about it.  At the beginning of the season, this looked like one of the possible games to watch, now it’s kind of like watching a train wreck.

The Colts have had what one can only call an irregular year.  Peyton Manning has turned into an interception throwing machine.  The Colts are absolutely decimated by injury adding yet another defensive player to season ending injured reserve just this week.  They have to be on their what 6th string of players at some positions now.  The players who remain have just not performed as one would expect.  It’s definitely not the Colts team of the last few years that everyone thinks will end up playing the Patriots for the AFC crown.  This year, if things keep going poorly for the Colts, they may not even make the playoffs.  Irregular might be an understatement.

The Titans are a hot mess.  They were ready to bench Vince Young when he got injured and is now done for the year.  Kerry Collins is about as unreliable a prospect as one could imagine.  Their coach seems caught up in the drama of the off the field business with Young.  The team has just fallen into total disarray and now find themselves at the very bottom of the standings in their division.  Their games now seem like a disjointed hodgepodge of uncertainty.

Between the Colts and Titans fans may see an absolute mess of a game.  The kind where you watch and then you hit yourself in the head for doing so.  It may be the kind of thing that fans of these teams have nightmares about for years.  Or, it may be a turning point for one team or both.  Right now though it just kind of makes you ask who’s got next.

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