Who Would You Take With The First Pick?

The NFL Draft is upon us once again, and there is one huge question that still is yet to be answered.  Who are the Indianapolis Colts going to take with the first pick?  There are two viable candidates for the pick and there is much debate on who is the better of the two.  Is it Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?  Let’s break this down shall we?

The Indianapolis Colts without a doubt are going to draft a quarterback with their first pick.  It’s the one position that we do not have someone capable of playing there to a level that True Blue fans expect.  The Colts just traded for Drew Stanton.  A former Michigan State Spartan who has shown before that he can hold his own in the NFL but has never been put to the test as to whether he can lead a team for more than a couple of weeks.  Curtis Painter and Dan Orlavsky are gone; so who is going to lead this franchise into the new post-Peyton era?

First, Robert Griffin III; a man who has skated by under the radar for quite some time until this past season where he out performed so many other players and won the hearts of the country by taking a terrible program and bringing them to the forefront.  He put everyone’s eyes on Baylor football.  He then walked in and “stole” the Heisman trophy from Andrew Luck and if that wasn’t enough out performed Mr. Luck at the NFL combine and at his recent pro day.  NFL Analyst have been saying all along that Andrew Luck was the no brainer pick at number one and the Colts would be fools to not pick him as the new face of the franchise.  Now, those same analysts are saying maybe RG3 is the man for the job.

Andrew Luck has been an amazing player for Stanford for the last couple of years.  Putting up enormous numbers and showing everyone why he is the most solid and pro ready quarterback in the NFL Draft.  During this past season’s campaign he dominated enough to win the Walter Camp Award as the nation’s best player and the Johnny Unitas award.  He stunned people with the wins he pulled off by putting the team on his back and carrying them to the finish.  At the NFL Combine, Luck had similar numbers to what RG3 was doing and during his pro day, he shined once again by matching what RG3 did the previous day.  Many people think that Jim Irsay, president and CEO for the Indianapolis Colts, made up his mind during the college football season that he was going to draft Andrew Luck if he had the chance.  Bill Polian, former GM and now ESPN NFL Analyst, backed those comments up by saying the same thing.

So many NFL Analysts and NFL fans are torn on what the Colts should do with the number one pick.  Should they go with the “no brainer” pick in Andrew Luck, or should they go with RG3 who has shown that he is just as good, if not better in some areas, as Andrew Luck.  Has Jim Irsay already made up his mind and is just waiting to pick up the phone from the war room on draft day to tell Andrew Luck that he is their guy and he looks forward to having him become the new face of the Indianapolis Colts.  I am on the side that I do not think that it is as slam dunk as many others are saying.  If it was the case that Luck is the guy, why your top scouts to watch RG3’s pro day?  Why take the time out of going to see other players in positions of need instead of going to watch him?  I think that in the beginning, Jim Irsay had his mind made up but as the days and weeks have wore on; he is torn himself.

I personally think that Robert Griffin III is the guy you take in this position.  He has everything you want in a starting quarterback.  He has the talents to improve his game and he brings more athletic ability to the table than his counterpart Andrew Luck.  I am not saying the Luck isn’t athletic or talented enough to take this 2-14 team back to the top of the mountain, but I do think that RG3 has outplayed him, out performed him and outshined him in so many aspects of the game that he belongs in a Colts uniform.

I will say this though; no matter who they take come April 26th the True Blue faithful will be happy and ready to watch the new Indianapolis Colts play their style of football.  Watch out NFL, there is going to be a new sheriff in town and he is coming for your blood, sweat and tears.

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