Who Would Move To Los Angeles? Um, Everybody.

If you’re the Bills, Jaguars, or Chargers, you are seriously considering moving to Los Angeles.  Why would you do that?  If you’re in Buffalo, do you really want to break the hearts of the saddest city in the nation?  They already don’t get enough sunlight there.  This would make it worse, right?

If you’re in Jacksonville, why wouldn’t you move to a larger market where you can sell out games?  Sure, Florida is nice, but there’s already two other NFL teams in Florida.  They are diluting your market.  They are.

If you’re San Diego, it’s San Diego.  Wouldn’t you want to make the short drive to LA and be more prominent?

Any team that moves to LA is going to increase in value the day they move.  The day they move.  There’s no doubt about it.  There’s no way around that reality.  It’s just something that is going to happen.  We have to live with it, and with the Vikings getting a stadium, somebody is moving to LA.

I know this is not a nice thing to talk about, but I want to see football in Los Angeles.  Honestly.  When the Rams and Raiders were both in LA, for the most part, they were thriving.  There will be thriving again if they can just get a team in there, and the fan base will be rabid as rabid can get.  I don’t think they’ll be scary like Raiders fans, but, they will be passionate.  They’ve been starved for football for so long, that there is no way that the team won’t be selling out consistently.

Moving to LA just makes sense, and, frankly, I’m kind of tired of worrying about cities that won’t support their team.  Even in Atlanta, where I live, they deserved to lose the Thrashers.  Any city that won’t come out–they don’t deserve it.  You have to support them, and Buffalo and Jacksonville are not.


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