Who Won The Recruiting Wars?

Go Dawgs !!
When national signing day came and went we had a cavalcade of signings with different schools.  One kid’s mom even signed his national letter of intent for him.

Well, we know who the losers were, but the winners were more subtle and in desperate need of a win.

Georgia put together their own dream team.  That’s what they started calling them, and when Isaiah Crowell picked UGA over Alabama it was like the coup of the century.  Having Crowell on the roster makes it very easy for the Bulldogs to push aside some under-performing running backs and stick Crowell in there.

The Dogs are going to have a running game, and they have an up and coming quarterback.

Then there’s the UCONN football program.  They lost Randy Edsal to his dream job at Maryland.  They allowed themselves to get embarrassed on national TV in their BCS game.  Then they had a crazy booster say he wanted his name taken off their facility and that he wanted his $3 million back.  Yeah, not exactly what someone wants to hear.

Well, they won the day when crazy-booster said they could keep his money.  That’s a win right there if I ever saw one.  Everything that Randy Edsal did may well go down the toilet when UCONN takes the field next year, but they won’t be losing money in the process.  That would have been a shame and exactly the opposite of Georgia’s big win.

I’m only curious now to see where Jadeveon Clowney is going to go.  By all accounts he’s the nicest kid in the world and I’m one of the few people on the planet who knows where Rock Hill, SC is.  All I hope is that he makes his decision quickly and doesn’t make a spectacle of himself during his press conference.

Creative Commons License photo credit: pocketwiley

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