Who Is the Best In the AFC/NFC South?

Go Colts!!!AFC

1) Colts

The Colts have this guy named Peyton Manning and maybe you have heard of him. He’s not only the best quarterback in the league, but he is also one of the best offensive coordinators. And he makes Reggie Wayne and a cast of relative unknown receivers look like Jerry Rice out there. Add in a decent defense with an above average pass rush and you have yet another Super Bowl run for Archie’s boy.

2) Titans

C.J. single handedly carried the load last season and if the Titans were not so terrible at the beginning of the year with Kerry Collins at the helm then they would have made the playoffs. As long as vince Young continues to progress as a quarterback they will make the playoffs this season. And Lane Kiffen will not be invited to the playoff party if they do.

3) Texans

The Texans are steadily improving each season and they now have one of the sneakiest best passing games in the league. Still they have the unfortunate luck of playing in one of the league’s toughest divisions and lack the consistent running game week in and week out. A solid defense could move them up to second place this season though.

4) Jaguars

When will the Jaguars hit rock bottom? Try this season. The club has a below average quarterback and their only offensive threat is already hampered with a knee injury. Even if Jones-Drew does survive yet another grueling 16 game season I still expect the Jags to not win more then 6 or 7 games. In a few years they will probably become the LA Golds though and the sky is the limit after that.


1) Saints

Who dat? Dat is Drew Brees one of the best players in the NFL and Sean Peyton knows how to use the star quarterback. With all the weapons the Saints have it is a safe bet to put them in the playoffs again this season. Repeat? I think not, but the Saints will be around to try. They are that good, but they lack the goal line back to fight for that last inch. Pierre Thomas will have to be that guy.

2) Falcons

Following a down year the Falcons need to bounce back. They certainly have the talent with a plethora of solid running backs and a young quarterback with tremendous potential. The defense is still a bit shaky and they have few stars to stop opposing offenses, but with the offensive talent available they should do just fine and compete for a playoff berth.

3) Panthers

The Panthers may have the best one-two punch in the league at running back with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The quarterback situation is a bit wide open with several unproven options, but Matt Moore appears to be the right fit for the club at the moment. The defense is pretty solid as well, but the loss of Julius Peppers could prove to be costly for the club that lacks a solid replacement pass rusher. No Delhomme should improve their record this season though.

4) Bucs

The Bucs are one of the worst teams currently in the NFL and the front office and coaching staff deserves much of the blame. Freeman will start off the year trying to shake off a lingering thumb fracture and that is not good news for a team that doesn’t have a decent backup. The rushing game is solid but underused and the defense is young, but certainly not up to the regular Tampa 2 standard.



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