Whining Flacco Wants New Contract

Joe Flacco, QB of the Baltimore Ravens is whining because he doesn’t have a contract past 2012.  Really?!  For the life of me, I do not understand why athletes whine about getting paid.

If you deserve to get paid more, the team will pay you on their own schedule.  If they don’t think so, you can try and see if another team will pay you.  Please, tell me, what is whining going to accomplish?  Other than to make you look like a whiner?  Tom Brady did not whine when his contract was up for re-negotiation.  He went about his business and the contract took care of itself.  Peyton Manning is up for a new deal with the Colts and have you seen him out whining to the press about it?  No, you have not because whining gets you nothing.

Except a reputation as a whiner.  Do your job to the best of your ability and let your agent and the team handle your financial business.  Whining to the press only makes you look like a child.  Flacco has been a good QB for the Ravens.  So much better than what they have had in recent years.  Flacco is the Ravens’ all-time leader in passing yards, touchdown passes, completions and attempts.  However, he has yet to lead his team to a Super Bowl win.  It’s not like he has a hand full of Super Bowl rings and the Ravens are not paying him.

Flacco in July 2008 signed a five-year, $11.9 million contract. The deal includes $8.75 million guaranteed. Another $17.9 million is available through incentives. 2011: $4.485 million, 2012: $4.61 million, 2013: Free agent.  Perhaps he hasn’t performed well enough to earn his contract incentives.  Perhaps he thinks he deserves to be paid like Brady and Manning.  Perhaps he should rethink.  If the Ravens think he deserves a new deal, they will get one in order.  If they don’t, he can try his luck elsewhere.  Just stop whining about it.

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