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Creative Commons License photo credit: dougwwI’ve noticed a trend this season among NFL players and it’s not attractive at all.  Whiners.  They are everywhere and whining about everything.  Don’t they get paid enough not to whine?  I mean seriously.

Darrell Revis whining about getting paid.  Look, he probably should get more money, but should he basically hijack his team for it?  Should he sit out and sit at home whining while his team is trying to win games?  Should he go around whining to anyone who will listen that he’s the best cornerback in the NFL WHO WON”T PLAY?  Brady’s contact is up, Brees’ contract is up – where are they?  On the field.  Not whining.

Peyton Manning whining about the new umpire rule.  I thought Peyton was doing good because his contract was up this year too, but he was on the field playing.  Not whining about money.  But he’s whining and running around looking constipated because the umpire now lines up in the backfield and it’s cramping his style.  The umpire rule is putting a big crimp in Peyton’s hurry up offense and he is not happy one bit.

Matt Leinart whining about being replaced at QB.  Has he seen himself play in the NFL?  Not once have I seen him be anything other than less than mediocre.  Ever since he came into the NFL he has done next to nothing except look like a complete dork.  Now he’s whining about being replaced.  Stop whining or find the exit door.

Albert Haynesworth whining about money, about conditioning tests, about playing a 3-4 defense.  He then develops a condition caused by either dehydration or the overuse of creatine to cut weight.  He’s still whining.  He needs to take his 100 million dollar contracted butt and play where ever Shanahan tells him and he should do it without ever opening his mouth.

I’m just about sick of all these overpaid whiners.  There are more of them too.  I’m not getting my touches, he threw my QB down, I want more money – shut up just shut up.  Stop whining and play or get the heck out.  Enough is enough.

© photo credit: dougww

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