When Was RG3 Not #1 On The Redskins’ Depth Chart?

As soon as Washington made the trade to get the number two pick, which came after Indy making it very clear that they were taking Andrew Luck, RG3 was number one on their depth chart at quarterback.  I don’t think this is mystical or mysterious to anybody.  I suppose one might call it strange to be so sure so soon, but when you’re the Redskins, you have to take whatever you can get.

They’ve had a quarterback problem since the last time they won the Super Bowl.  Back then, they won it with three different guys.  Now, they can barely find one who is adequate, much less great.  So, when you find this kid and take him number two overall (and you traded to get the pick–increasing his value,) he becomes “the man” immediately.  That’s not shocking.  I could act like they need to do more research or let him compete for the job.  However, it makes more sense to just make him the starter and give him the team.  Giving him the team gives him a chance to do something that so many others have done–win over the fanbase on the first day.  Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez (to a degree,) Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck (already,) and now RG3.  Each of these guys has gone in on the first day and been thrown into the fire.  The guys who are already playing have done so with pretty good success.  So, there’s not reason to think that RG3 can’t do the same.

If you’re Mike Shanahan, you have to give the fans hope.  RG3 represents hope in a form that they have not seen in quite some time–the form of a quarterback.  I hope it works out.  I really do, because they need it pretty badly up in DC.


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