When It Means A Little More

Sunday’s NFL games will take on a much deeper meaning coming on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  With the elevated alerts for possible new attacks on that day, it becomes even more serious.  For a lot of teams, there will be remembrances of the date before games and possibly at halftime, but for the New York Jets, it’s means a little more.

The Jets will be playing Sunday night against the Cowboys.  The stadium will be filled with those who have been directly and indirectly touched by the events of 9/11.  There will be police and first responders at the game who were actually there during 9/11.  There will be those who lost loved ones, friends, co-workers.  For this game, it means a little more.

The Jets will remember the events of 9/11 with ceremonies before and during the game, but for those in attendance the remembrances are an everyday occurrence.  Those who lost people they loved.  Those who lost friends.  The police and firefighters and first responders who lost co-workers.  For these people, 9/11 isn’t a once a year or a once every 10 year remembrance.  It is with them every day, every single day.

The heightened terror alert adds even more to the memories of 9/11, bringing back the fear for many.  With the game in New York and featuring two very high profile football teams and surely to be a sold out event, security will be greatly increased and tension and fear will be higher than normal.  It makes a day of remembrance even more felt when the threat of something else awful happening is so much in the news.

I am sure that the police, firefighters and first responders who will be at the game will feel it most intensely.  But there will be those in the stands who lost people close to them who will also feel it.  While a lot of people will be tuning in and sitting at the game who were not directly affected by the 9/11 events, there will be so many who were.  This game will mean a little more.

All Americans hope and pray that there are no events on this day and at this game, or at any other time for that matter.  We all remember the day of 9/11 and the horrific losses, the great sacrifices and the magnificent heroism displayed.  But for those who were there, for those who still live it every day, it means a little more.

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