What’s Your Opinion on Seeded Play Offs?

Teams are scrambling right and left and fighting for a chance to be in the playoffs. Once again, the subject of seeded playoffs has arose. Here is my thinking on this: Are we at a tennis match? Why do we seriously need seeded playoffs? The league takes care of this with divisions. It doesn’t matter if a team is in a crappy division. If they are the best in that crappy division, they take on the best in another (less) crappy division and the best team wins.

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I’m getting tired of hearing how “unfair” it is for teams who are 13-3 playing teams who are 7-9. How is it unfair for the “better” team? Because they could have an off day and lose? Well you know what, great teams figure out a way to win, which makes for better football and a more interesting game.

If you add seeding into the mix, you are going to almost entirely get rid of rivalries. This would be a shame. Part of the fun of watching football is the rivalry you have with a team near you geographically. Furthermore, the guys playing gear up for division games also. They mean something. They should. You play for bragging rights and the chance to go to the playoffs. Imagine how mundane that would be with seeded playoffs. Every game would be the same.

Seeding would also keep the better teams at the top. I don’t like this. The way the NFL is set up by design, any team really can win or lose. Any team can be the one to win it all in any given year. While some teams dominate for years, others rise to the top and fall again, and all of that is part of what makes the game great.

My opinion is clear: no seeding with playoffs. Leave them the way they are.

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