What To Do With Peyton

You know when your wife took you home to meet her folks the first time and her father was like, “Son, what are your intentions with my daughter?”  (Actually, one time the girl asked me that.  We never made it to the first date.)  Well, this is something I would like to ask the Broncos about Peyton Manning.  If they’re going to watch him workout.  What are their intentions with him?  I mean, surely you don’t try to raise market value on this guy just for kicks.  You must really want to see him, right?

So, what if the Broncos really do want him that bad?  Are they going to throw over Tim Tebow for Peyton Manning?

I think they’re about to.

You don’t dive into this free agency sweepstakes on a player like this when you have a guy who won a playoff game UNLESS you are absolutely sure you want to do this.  As much as I liked what Tebow did this year, the Broncos can parlay him to Jacksonville, he can go home, and the Broncos can get picks back for him.  I think they’ve probably already decided that at this point.  How else could we explain the massive interest that the Broncos have shown?

David Cutcliffe (Peyton’s OC from college) says that Peyton is ready to go.  I think the Broncos are envisioning what the team looked like when John Elway was there and they are thinking of how quickly they can make it look that way.  They’re wondering how they can get Jeff Saturday in there.  How can they get Reggie Wayne?  Those are the questions they’re asking themselves.  Why?

Because, when you have a first rounder whose won a playoff game, you don’t move on him unless Peyton Manning comes calling.

And he has.



  1. Umm… why would the Jags pick up Tebow when they just signed Henne yesterday? Makes no sense. If Manning picks Denver, who knows where Tebow will end up, but it doesn’t make sense for the Jags to go after him at this point. And Wayne just re-signed with the Colts earlier this week.

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