What do the Patriots do without Gronkowski?

Rob Gronkowski has a high ankle sprain and he’s been in a walking boot.  Without the physical pass-catching and blocking of Gronkowski, I’m not sure that the Patriots can free up enough space for Wes Welker to catch passes in the slot or run the ball.  If they can’t do that, they might not have an offense for the Super Bowl.  Since we’re talking about the lynch pin of the Patriots offense, what would they do without him?

Well, for one thing, the Giants would get even more pressure than normal because Gronkowski would not be available to block in situations where his number is not called.  Moreover, they would not have to dedicate a DB to cover him when he falls into the secondary.  Plus, they would be able to save themselves a little bit by not getting pummeled by him constantly.  Do you want to have to matchup with this guy for 60 minutes?  I know I wouldn’t.

I know it’s just one guy, but this “doom and gloom” scenario is real.  If the Patriots don’t have, basically, their number one option on offense, they don’t have an offense.  Actually, what’s worse is if they try to make it work with him in there and he’s not 100%.  It’ll only take one or two bad hits for him to be knocked out again.  Now, you’ve planned to have him and he’s out of the game.  I suppose you can play it that way, but you’d be asking for trouble if he couldn’t come back in the game.

I know this game has many storylines, but the absence of Gronkowski from this game could easily make the story all about how the Giants defense stepped up and beat the Patriots offense–and that would all be because of the fact that Gronkowski was missing.

Yeah, he’s that big a deal.



  1. Ava Gibbons says:

    No doubt Coach Belichick will have an alternate plan ready. Gronk may try to play anyway and Giants will take advantage of his injury. Maybe the Pats are just trying to throw NY off. They won’t fall for that. They will be ready for whatever player is on the field. I just want to see the G-Men and Eli get the trophy and a lot of Colts fans in LOS with #18 jerseys on. Go Giants.

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