We’re Still Drafting!

Navy, Marines present jersey to NFL commissioner, 75th NFL Draft Come April there will be an NFL draft whether or not the owners lock out the players — apparently.  And this makes things very interesting.

How is the front office supposed to scout and do all the things it needs to do when they don’t really know who’s coming and going, the coach can’t have any kind of workouts, and the prospect of the season starting on time grows more and more dim everyday?

I don’t know. But I do know this — I can still do a mock draft!  HAHA! Just a few to whet our appetites:

1.  Carolina — Nick Fairley/DE Auburn.  Um, duh!  You have Jimmy Clausen and if Mel Kiper still thinks we need to give the guy time then I’m all for that.  Get the big body to put on the line.  Get the guy who will kill offenses because he demands so much attention and move on.  For the Panthers, in my opinion, this is their only option.

2.  Denver — AJ Green/WR Georgia.  I know tons of people have the Broncos taking a defensive back like Peterson from LSU, but when they let Brandon Marshall go they killed any chance of a QB in their system being effective.  Oops!

3.  Buffalo — Anybody/Any Position Anywhere.  The Bills have so many holes I don’t know how any draft pundit can claim to know what the Bills will do here.  Also, remember that they aren’t exactly organized, they might move to Canada, and the best decision they ever made was dumping JP Losman.  Not exactly flying colors over here.

4.  Cincinnati — Patrick Peterson/CB LSU.  This guy can come out on the edge of Marvin Lewis’ defense and make that defense stronger.  Taking away one side of the field is just what they need.

5.  Arizona — Any QB from Anywhere.  What a disaster their quarterback situation was last year.  Just pick the guy you feel you can develop and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. More picks to come!

Creative Commons License photo credit: NYCMarines


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