We’re Getting Close

Theater of Dreams
There’s finally hope in the NFL negotiations! We have a basic plan in place, and it seems the owners are ready to just make a deal. The new reports are saying that the owners are getting what they want, but not only in the forms they originally asked for.

They’ll get expense credits for stadiums and such, but that’s because they are not banking on a one billion dollar credit off the top. That seems to have softened the situation, the players got improved benefits and pension, and apparently teams will be required to spend a lot closer to the cap.

The players also have a basement percentage that keeps their cut from getting too low. I bet somebody will grumble about this, but it seems that everybody got a little something and gave a little something. Good taste won the day.

Personally, I’m glad that both sides had to lose a little. They learned that they cannot live without each other, and they chose to talk it out rather than spar.

I know I’ve said in this space that the hockey owners might have wanted to go on longer when the Stanley Cup was cancelled, but it never had to come to that. The NFL decided it wasn’t hockey, and it decided to be smart rather than tanking the whole sport.

I’m proud of them for acting like men instead of like boys.

Of course, nothing is actually happening until they sign on the dotted line. However, they could end up signing something by the end of June. This puts the game back in motion and keeps coaches from totally losing it. Then we get the craziest free agent season ever. Ever.

I cannot wait for the wild west…for the chaos…for football. It’s going to be a good year if they finish this out as fast as possible.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RabunWarna

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