Weis in Hot Water Already

Upheaval was coming at Kansas, just when was the question.  It turns out it came sooner than anyone could believe.

The state and University of Kansas are finding out Charlie Weis is trouble.  As he is now proving, Weis isn’t great at handling players either.  The hiring of Weis was a mistake at Kansas, or anywhere.  Now Weis is showing why.

Kansas quarterback Brock Berglund is looking to leave the school.  He was recruited by former coach Turner Gill and apparently isn’t interested in playing for Weis.  Berglund wants to be coached and he knows that won’t happen in Kansas.

The problem is Weis and Kansas will not release him from his scholarship, and they have not given him a reason why.  So Berglund has hired a lawyer so he can play for another school.

Berglund was dismissed from the squad last week when he didn’t attend a mandatory team meeting with the Jayhawks’ new coaching staff. He feared that by attending he would be locked in for another semester.

Weis dismissed Berglund and 5 others, but couldn’t even be responsible enough to talk with them.  The players learned of the dismissal via Twitter.  Weis isn’t talking, but has denied a written request by Berglund to speak with other schools.

This situation is usually handled easily at other schools.  If a player wants to leave the school of their choice, and has a scholarship, 99% of the time the release is granted.  Apparently Weis is trying to show his toughness and put his “stamp” on the Kansas program.  And he has chosen Berglund as the whipping boy.

The NCAA could fix this problem, but they don’t want to.  Coaches are allowed to sign contracts for years in advance and leave to go to another school.  Look at current Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, who took over for Weis in South Bend.  Lane Kiffin left Tennessee to go to USC.  Rich Rodriquez from West Virginia to Michigan.

Players choose their school because of the coach.  If they didn’t like the coach, they wouldn’t pick at USC, Michigan or Kansas.  Berglund wanted to play for Gill.  So when Gill was fired, those players at Kansas should be allowed to move at their leisure.

The NCAA could allow players 30 days to meet with the new coach, other coaches and make their decision to stay or go.    It’s only fair.  Yet fair isn’t a word in the NCAA dictionary.

Weis only got the Kansas job because of his name.  Despite having a Top Ten recruiting class 3 strait years at Notre Dame, he struggled to win.  He gained his reputation under Bill Belichick.  Yet when Belichick was looking for a new Offensive Coordinator and Weis had been let go at Notre Dame, Weis went to Kansas City.

Weis hasn’t even bought into the Kansas program.  He is looking at this job as a “stepping stone.”  Want proof?  Weis isn’t even going to live Lawrence, Kansas.  Yes he has his personal reasons, but if they mattered that much he wouldn’t have taken the position.

Kansas is in for some fun.  And not on the football field.


  1. So you’re saying he’s leaving because Turner Gill isn’t there anymore? You think it maybe has to do with the fact that Dayne Crist is coming?

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