Weekly Embarrassment Take 1

So, as if I don’t get enough humiliation making college football picks in ESPN’s pick ’em game, I might as well as NFL picks to the list right.  I may not do this every weekend, not sure how much humiliation I am willing to take this year, but facing ones failures is a good character builder.  So here goes….

Steelers – Ravens  – Going with the Steelers.  I still think Flacco is a mid level QB and I think he always will be.

Falcons – Bears – Falcons.  Cutler has flashes of great play but they won’t be enough on Sunday.

Colts – Texans – Texans and it looks like their road to possibly winning this division just got a lot easier with Peyton out for months, maybe the sesaon.

Titans – Jags – Titans.  Jags tell their head coach to get to the playoffs or else and they chuck their starting QB along with it.  Sorry no playoffs for you.

Bills – Chiefs – Seriously, I have no idea.  This game could go either way and very few people care which.  I’m picking the Chiefs because my best friend loves that team, and yes that’s the only reason.

Eagles – Rams – Should be a better game than a lot of people think.  Bradford is going to be a very good NFL QB.  But the Eagles win.

Lions – Bucs – I’m taking the Lions.  This team is on a roll as long as they stay healthy.  Bucs are going to play well, but maybe not as well as last year.  Lions are out to prove something.

Panthers – Cardinals – Cardinals win but Cam Newton shows he can run and pass.  Still, he has a lot to learn and the Cards will take advantage of that.

Vikings – Chargers – Chargers easy.  Phillip Rivers is going to have a monster year.  The Chargers may find their way right into the Super Bowl.

Seahawks – 49ers – Do I have to pick?  Do I have to care?  Let’s see I pick, 49ers by the toss of a coin.

Giants – Redskins – No Rex Grossman isn’t the answer.  Giants win.

Cowboys – Jets – Tony Romo will show once and for all this year that he is and will forever be a middle of the pack QB.  Jets win as much as I hate to see it.

Patriots – Dolphins – Fish get flattened.  Patriots will look as dominant as they are.

Raiders – Broncos – Broncos will win with Kyle Orton and the Denver fans will still be crying for Tebow to play.

There you have it, week 1 picks.  Let the humiliation begin.

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