Week 10 Picks

Thursday night football is back! Love it. I mean, I like Thursday night TV as it is, but with football? It’s even better. Here are my picks for the week.

Falcons vs Ravens
Winner: Ravens
I’ve been giving the edge to the Ravens all year, and this game is no different. Either way, this is bound to be a great game. Both teams are 6-2, both are at the top of their division. The Falcons have the edge with game stats, but as we know stats don’t mean very much.

Lions vs Bills
Winner: Lions
Both these teams have crappy records, and both are at the bottom of their divisions. While the Bills are winless, they aren’t as bad as their record indicates. The Lions have had close calls all year, which I’ve finally attributed not to bad luck (with the exception of week one) but simply lack of drive. Winners find a way to win. Period. I think the Lions are ready to do that.

Vikings vs Bears
Winner: Vikings
The Bears are 5-3 but as we know that doesn’t mean they are a good team. The Vikings have struggle, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad team. As we saw last week, Brett Favre still has the ability to make a comeback. He still wants to win. The storyline about this game is how many INTs will these gunslingers throw?

Browns vs Jets
Winner: Jets
The Browns have proven that they are capable of winning. They beat the Saints and the Pats, and did it convincingly. But they are also erratic. You can’t rely on them to be consistent from week to week. Jets lost in a shut out to the Packers and then barely won over the Lions. They aren’t the dominate team that mouthy Rex Ryan told us they were. The question isn’t whether the Jets can win, it’s whether the Browns will beat themselves.

Panthers vs Bucs
Winner: Bucs
The Bucs and Panthers are at the bottom of the NFC South, but there is a big difference between the 5-3 Bucs and the 1-7 Panthers. Josh Freeman gets stronger every week, and this should be an easy win for the Bucs.

Jags vs Texans
Winner: Texans
Is there a tighter race in the league right now than the AFC South? Both the Texans and Jags are at the bottom of the division, but the leaders are just a game ahead of them. This is going to be a key game, and I give the edge to the Texans.

Colts vs Bengals
Winner: Colts
I said I was giving up on the Bengals, and it starts with this week.

Titans vs. Dolphins
Winner: Titans
The big story here is that Randy Moss has yet another chance to show the world he can be a team player. I predict he will play nice… for this week at least.

Chiefs vs Broncos
Winner: Chiefs
The Broncos started off great, but they’ve just fizzled. They Chiefs have the edge here.

Giants vs Cowboys
Winner: Giants
The Cowboys have had enough drama this week to choke a horse. Drama equals distraction.

Seahawks vs Cardinals
Winner: Seahawks
This game should be one of the most boring of the week. But the Seahawks have the edge.

49ers vs Rams
Winner: 49ers
A few weeks ago Mike Singletary said he still thought of his team as good. Ever since then I have believed that they can come back. This week? We’ll see.

Steelers vs Pats
Winner: Steelers
Playoff preview perhaps? The Steelers have been stronger than I expected this year, while the Pats defense has been disappointing.

Eagles vs Redskins
Winner: Eagles
What a difference this game feels like from the first time these two met. The Eagles lost on the first outing, but now Vick is at the head and there’s some bickering weirdness with McNabb and Shanahan. The Eagles should have no problem with this one.

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