Week 7 NFL Picks

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Here we go, another week of embarassment for me and laughs for the readers ūüôā

Bengals at Falcons РThe Falcons will likely be thin in the defensive secondary, but with Palmer throwing 2 to 3 INTs per game, it may not matter.  It will be a close, tough game, but I think the Falcons come out with the win.

Steelers at Dolphins – Big Ben is back but he may not be 100% locked in yet. ¬†The Dolphins have been on a roll so far this season. ¬†This one looks to be a battle all the way. ¬†I’m giving the edge to the Steelers but wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Dolphins get the win.

Bills at Ravens РThis will be ugly for the Bills.  Look for them to get rolled and rolled big by the Ravens.

Jaguars at Chiefs – The Chiefs are the real deal. ¬†Some might think this game will be close, but I think the Chiefs win it running away….literally.

Browns at Saints – Colt McCoy continues his NFL initiation and while he will do okay, the Saints will win this one at home.

Redskins at Bears РWill Cutler be able to stand upright?  Will the Redskins defense play up to their potential?  A lot of unknowns in this game.  One thing is sure Рit will be a good matchup but I think the Redskins come away with the win as the Bears O line collapses yet again.

49ers at Panthers РThe Panthers are down for the count.  The 49ers have had a rough time as well but they get off the snide and get a win over the completely finished Panthers.

Rams at Bucs РPossibly one of the better games this weekend.  The Rams are showing they are much better than people thought.  Bradford is proving he is the best of the rookie QBs in the league this season.  The Bucs have played well also.  Could be a shoot out but I look for the Rams to pull out the win and for Bradford to have another very good day.

Eagles at Titans РLooks like the Eagles are going with Kolb, again.  with Vick still listed as questionable.  The Eagles are beginning to look like they will go with whatever QB wins that week, very unstable situation.  The Titans are clawing and scratching for every win they can get.  I think the Titans pull this one out with some great defensive play and getting some turnovers.

Cardinals at Seahawks – The good Seahawks show up again this week and take the win making Pete Carroll look like a genius – this week.

Patriots at Chargers – It’s Dreamy Tom vs Happy Feet Rivers. ¬†The Chargers are a team still in flux with the Vincent Jackson issues, Merriman issues, losing issues. ¬†The Pats are on the upswing and will take this one handily.

Raiders at Broncos – Denver will look better than it actually is and talking heads everywhere will say “look, Denver is doing great.” When in reality, they are still well below average as a team and one dimensional at that. ¬†But they get the win today and that will be enough, for today.

Vikings at Packers – Will Favre INT his team into a loss? ¬†Will Rogers be sufficiently not concussed? ¬†Will the Vikings receivers make a difference? ¬†Will the Packers defense wake up? ¬†Honestly, I don’t know who wins this one because you don’t know which of these teams will show up. ¬†I’m taking the Packers, but this is one that could go either way on poor play and turnovers.

Giants at Cowboys РThe Monday night game has HUGE implications for the Cowboys.  They are in a must win situation every game.  The Giants have played good and bad this season.  The Cowboys have played mostly bad and gotten lucky.  I think the Giants come to Texas and win.  Maybe revenge for the Rangers bushwhacking the Yankees.  Either way, the Cowboys slide further down the standings.

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