Week 6 Predictions

There are so many games this week that look really, really close, that it was even harder to make picks than normal. Does that mean my picks will be better or worse than in weeks past? Well, it probably can’t get any worse.

Roswell Jr Hornets vs Lassiter 2010-12
Creative Commons License photo credit: johntrainor

Here are my predictions.

Bears vs Seahawks
Winner: Seahawks
This game is so evenly matched it’s ridiculous. As far as stats, yards per game, and team strengths, it looks like a good game on paper. But both these teams stinks. The Bears are the worst 4-1 team I have ever seen, and Seattle has been up and down every single week. Chicago probably has a slight advantage since their hosting the game, but I really feel as if one of these weeks their true colors will finally come out and their skunky team will be exposed for the sham it is. This might be the week.

Packers vs. Dolphins
Winner: Dolphins
It kills me to do this. Being a Packer fan, we are trained to cheer on our team until the very end. The problem is that the Packers have so many injuries right now it’s ridiculous. Couple that with the fact that they weren’t clicking on all cylinders even before that. The Dolphins have something to prove and even home field advantage won’t help the Pack with this one.

Texans vs. Chiefs
Winner: Texans
Did you ever have a team that even when things are iffy, you pick them because they have that indescribable something? Texans are that team for me. Texas have a slight advantage in passing and total yards per game, but let’s face it, both these teams are at a point in their season where they have to show up and fight.

Lions vs Giants
Winner: Giants
I loved the ass-kicking the Lions gave last week, didn’t you? It’s like they took out all their frustrations for the close games they lost this season in that one single game. They looked convincing. They are convincing. They are a good team and getting better every day. But the Giants are on a streak of sorts, with 13 sacks for the last two games. Matt Stafford still isn’t back this week, and that might have given the Lions a better chance, but it’s Giants all the way on this one.

Ravens vs Patriots
Winner: Ravens
I actually had the Patriots picked here first and then went back and changed it. I just can’t get the Ravens’ running game out of my head. I’ll bet the Pats can’t either.

Eagles vs Falcons
Winner: Eagles
Man, you just know Michael Vick is wishing he could play this week! But he’s still the number 2 quarterback. Even so, the Eagles will slightly edge out the Falcons.

Steelers vs. Browns
Winner: Steelers
This was a difficult game for me to predict, mostly because both these teams have had me fooled all year. Did I think the Steelers would do this well without Big Ben? Nope. Did I think the Browns would be a team to watch? Yep. Despite Cleveland’s 1-4 record, I think they do have the capacity to kick the Steelers behind, even with the return of Big Ben. But here’s where stats don’t mean a thing, because Coach Eric Mangini cannot get his team to make the move from simply playing a game to playing a game to win.

Chargers vs. Rams
Winner: Chargers
At 2-3, both these teams suck ever so much… but the Chargers have slightly better numbers all the way around, and let’s face it, the Rams suck just a little bit more.

Bucs vs Saints
Winner: Bucs
The Bucs are slightly ahead of the Saints in their division (which actually boggles my mind a little bit) and even though Drew Brees typically has some great games against Tampa, I think the Bucs are on a roll.

Raiders vs 49ers
Winner: Raiders
This is really going to be one of the ugliest games ever. The Raiders have three wins, which is at least three more than the 49ers. I always root for the team that is win-less, because I think they can’t remain win-less for very long. But watching Detroit a few years ago has taught me differently.

Broncos vs Jets
Winner: Jets
This is another game that I changed. I originally had the Broncos. Why? Well, shoot, because sometimes you gotta like an upset. But after giving it some thought, there’s no way the Broncos can pull off an upset right now. Denver is at the bottom of the AFC West while the Jets are sitting up at the top of the East. The Jets have the slight edge in this one.

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