Week 2 Surprises

Once again, I was surprised at several games and teams this week. There are some teams that have really given a lot and it’s surprised me, while others have just stunk and I can’t believe it. I’m trying to determine if the teams are just full of hype, if they are having “off” weeks, or if they are the real deal. Here are some surprises from Week 2.

Tampa is For Real?
I did say at the beginning of the season that Tampa is a team to watch, but I didn’t expect them to start off as strongly as they have. I’m trying to determine if they are just that much better than last year, have an easy schedule, or have had some fluke incidents. Probably a little of each.

The Seahawks Are Up and Down
This isn’t a new one, but the Seahawks always seem to be up and down. When I think they are for real and will come out strong, they stink. When I think they will stink up the joint, they kick ass. It boggles the mind. My mind, anyways.

Green Bay Is Better Than Even I Imagined
I’m a Green Bay fan, but even if I have been surprised at how good they look. They make me believe that they can sustain this confidence all season, and I haven’t believed that in a long time.

The Jets Still Have a Lot to Prove
The Jets might have beat the Patriots, but that rivalry is like many in the NFL where it doesn’t matter which team has more wins, which is healthier, because it’s going to be a free for all every time they get together. So while the Jets won this past week, I still believe they are more hype than reality.

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