Week 14 Picks

Every week of football gets more and more exciting, doesn’t it? This year has been filled with surprises, and it’s fun to watch. Not as easy to predict, but you know I go with the upsets at times and that hurts me. Oh, but when I’m right…. MWA HAHAHAHA!

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Here are my picks.

Colts vs Titans
Winner: Titans
Indy is 6-6 and holding on to second place, while the Titans are 5-7 in the bottom of the AFC South. The thing is, the bottom of this division means almost as much as the top. Everyone and their mother is picking Indy, and I agree, it is a must win for Peyton Manning and Company. Of course, I have to go with a (slight) upset.

Browns vs Bills
Winner: Bills
I’ve given up trying to decide what kind of football team the Browns are. So instead, I will rely on the fact that the Bills have the advantage when it comes to overall yardage, and they’re at home.

Pats vs Bears
Winner: Pats
This is the time of year when teams really start getting exposed for what they are. The Bears suck, they just don’t seem to understand it yet. But they win. Oh… they will.

Packers vs. Lions
Winner: Packers
Packers are playing great football, but this is a key division game that could cost them if they aren’t careful. Coach McCarthy says they are only focusing on the Lions and not looking ahead to the rest of the schedule, and I hope he’s right.

Vikings vs Giants
Winner: Vikings
Normally, I’d give the Giants the edge since Brett Favre is listed with an ankle injury, but Tarvaris Jackson played so well last week I’m not sure it’s an issue anymore.

Steelers vs Bengals
Winner: Steelers
The only thing the Bengals have showed me is that they consistently beat themselves.

Bucs vs Redskins
Winner: Bucs
The Redskins have the Bucs beat on paper with overall yards per game, which includes passing. The Bucs have a slight edge with rushing yards. Still, the Redskins never define the tone of the game themselves. They play to the level of their opponent, and this time their opponent is on a hot streak.

Falcons vs Panthers
Winner: Falcons
It seems like I’ve overlooked the Falcons the majority of the season. That is going to end now.

Raiders vs Jags
Winner: Jags
I think this is going to be a game to watch. You know? Two unlikely candidates in the playoff hunt for sure. The Raiders are hot right now, but the Jags have a lot of solids and homefield advantage. Sure, the Raiders win on the road in December…. usually… but streaks are meant to be broken.

Seahawks vs 49ers
Winner: 49ers
I always seem to get the Seahawks games wrong. One minute they are losing by the widest margin in history, and the next they are kicking major butt. Who could figure it out? Then you have the 49ers, who started out so poor I thought they were going after the infamous Lions record.

Saints vs Rams
Winner: Saints
The Rams are keeping their opponents scores down, but the Saints are known for their play calling. This will be a good one to watch. Advantage Saints.

Jets vs Dolphins
Winner: Jets
The Jets got beat so bad against the Pats, they couldn’t even show their faces. Rex Ryan loves to show his, so you know he’s on those guys to practice hard this week.

Broncos vs Cardinals
Winner: Broncos
Normally what happens when you pull a coach from a team mid-season, the team flounders a bit. What’s been happening this season is that the team seems to prosper in the week’s following a coach change. I’ll go with that logic here.

Chiefs vs Chargers
Winner: Chargers
I’d normally give the edge to the Chiefs in this game, but Matt Cassel is (as of right now) on the injury list with an “illness.”

Cowboys vs Eagles
Winner: Eagles
It’s the year of Michael Vick, haven’t you heard? Cowboys have improved since Wade Phillips firing, but Michael Vick is on FIRE.

Ravens vs Texans
Winner: Ravens
Man, these teams were hot once. Both of them. Now, they are both struggling. Still, I think the Ravens have more fire left in their little bellies than the Texans.

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