WAC Gone Wack

Just like in the movies, the Western Athletic Conference appears as if it will ride into the sunset.

On May 2, Utah State and San Jose State announced they would be leaving the WAC for greener grass in the Mountain West Conference. Both universities will be replacing Boise State and San Diego State, who left the MWC for the Big East. USU and SJSU will be formally joining the MWC Friday and begin playing in the 2013-14 season.

For Utah State, this move brings the rekindling of previous rivalries with Colorado State and Wyoming, who were both previously in the WAC.

For San Jose State, moving to the MWC is another step forward into the right direction. Since Mike MacIntyre has taken over coaching, the Spartans have shown signs of improvement in both record and ability.

As for the WAC, vital signs are near death. Louisiana Tech and recently acquired UT-San Antonio will both be departing after this year for Conference USA. Texas State will be leaving for the Sun Belt.

That just leaves the WAC with two schools: New Mexico State and Idaho. Neither have received an invitation to the MWC, leaving them with very few options.

For Idaho, there’s a chance they could head back to the Sun Belt. But if they don’t receive an invite, their only other option is to head back down to FCS and rejoin the Big Sky.

For New Mexico State, they haven’t received an invite from any conference yet. Unlike Idaho, New Mexico State has been in Division I football since 1931 and probably don’t have a desire to demote themselves to FCS.

That leaves the WAC with two choices:

The first choice would be to give in and admit defeat. They’ll play out their last season and watch the sunset over the horizon. No one would blame them, just another victim to the ever changing landscape of college football. In the next few years, they might not be the only conference to do so.

Or it could be the dawn of a new era and WAC officials can head down to the local Hallmark store and buy as many invitation cards as possible. They could mail them out to many successful teams in FCS like: Eastern Washington (Like Boise’s blue turf, who wouldn’t want to see a red field in D-I?), University of Montana (They’ve won their conference championship 13 out of the last 14 years), University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (They’re Division III, but currently on a 45 game win streak), Montana State (Have had great success recently and have solid school spirit), South Dakota State (Currently designing a new stadium and have had success in FBS beating Nebraska in 2010), and North Dakota State (Recent FCS champions).

Adding those six teams and having New Mexico State and Idaho stick around, the WAC provides a breath of fresh air into the suffocating conference. The choice is theirs.

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