Von Miller Attending The Draft

Navy, Marines present jersey to NFL commissioner, 75th NFL Draft
Von Miller, the linebacker from Texas A&M that is the only rookie who is listed as a plaintiff in the antitrust lawsuit filed against the league, has accepted the invitation to attend the NFL draft.  Keeping this in mind let’s remember that this guy is suing the league and he’s going to their draft to be picked by a team that he is suing for breach of antitrust laws.  WOW!

Miller says it’s not a problem:

“It doesn’t change my stance with current NFL players.  This is just separating the personal from the business. Personally, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill a dream that my mom and dad, myself and my family can enjoy a very emotional day. But I still plan on being there for the players in trying to get this lockout lifted.”

“I want to be in the courtroom to show my support and conviction — I want to play the game I love.  It was great to be asked to be part of the lawsuit, to join an elite group of guys. For them to ask me, it was a huge surprise but I look on it as a blessing from God.”

I think the boy’s got a good attitude, but I think some people in the NFL might feel a little put off by the seeming dichotomy.  He wants his draft day, but he wants to sue the league.  I mean, I guess I understand.  He IS separating the two things and that’s fine, but I don’t know that everyone who works within the league is as understanding, forgiving, mature, or smart.

I applaud Von Miller for doing what he believes is right and for giving a solid reason, but I fear that people in football just won’t get it.  Everyone keeps acting like there may not be football.  However, games will be played, this will be settled, and Von Miller can have a great career with this being only the beginning.

Creative Commons License photo credit: NYCMarines


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