Vincent Jackson Expected to Return To the Chargers Next Week

Disgruntled San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson is expected to return to the club on October 29th. The unhappy receiver refused to play for the squad earlier this season due to the front office not wanting to extend his current contract into a long term deal, but the wide receiver has decided to rejoin the team before the October 31st deadline so that he can become an unrestricted free agent next season.

Jackson claimed several times this year that he would holdout the entire season unless given a new deal, but if he did in fact sit out all of 2010 that would have meant that next season he would still be a restricted free agent and thus be property of the Chargers. By joining the squad next week Jackson will be able to play in the final 6 games of the season (his team has suspended him 3 extra games) and he will be able to choose where he wants to go next season in the process.

Jackson became a very popular trade target recently with the receiver problems that developed in Minnesota and the deal that saw Randy Moss leave New England, but the Chargers have stressed several times their lack of interest in dealing Jackson and are reportedly excited to have him back. It’s too bad for Jackson that he will miss three more weeks of NFL action considering the squad’s two best receivers are out with injury, but his eventual return will only improve the number one rated passing offense in the league.

Jackson is expected to lose roughly $3 million dollars because of the decision to sit out the first half of the season, but the giant, reliable deep threat is expected to make a ton of money next season with whoever lands the Pro Bowl player.

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