Tressel Deserves Shot at Colts Job

Yes Jim Tressel has been interviewed for the head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts.  Why Not?  No matter your views on what Tressel did, which wasn’t murder, assault, accepting money from a booster or paying off players, he has proven himself to be a great football coach.  And a great football coach can win anywhere.

Earlier the question was asked if it would be wise to even talk to Tressel.  Why wouldn’t it be?  He has won National championships, more than any other coach available right now.  He is a proven cultivator of quarterbacks.

Tressel made Steve Belisari, a safety, into a quarterback.  He won a National Title with Craig Krenzel.  He developed Troy Smith, a third stringer at one time, into a Heisman Trophy winner.  And he worked wonder with Terrelle Pryor, before he went off the reservation.  Tressel could work wonders with projected number one pick Andrew Luck, especially if the colts bite the bullet and keep Peyton Manning for another year or two.

Tressel’s reputation took a hit at Ohio State, but as has been stated before, for what?  What would a pro team need to keep tabs on Tressel for?  Possibly to make sure he’s not revealing team secrets to the FBI?  Making phone calls to keep his players out of trouble could be a concern.  Tressel did nothing close to what the following coaches did.

Ron Meyer was a successful coach at Southern Methodist.  He built a lowly talented team in Dallas into a National championship contender.  However it was a façade.  The school was offering contracts to players to come to SMU, including ESPN analyst Craig James.  So Meyer, before the hammer came down, left SMU and took the job in the old USFL, then landed in New England.  Nothing was said then, and why would it be?  Meyer could pay his players legally.

Let’s stay in New England and talk about Bill Belichick, who is now going to another Super Bowl.  He was caught up in the problems in Cleveland, not wanting to speak with the media and treating them with disdain.  Then he ran into troubles later as he filmed practices and walk throughs.  He lost draft picks over that problem, but do you think any NFL team would be ready to hire Belichick if he left the Patriots.  Would there be picketers against his hiring?

Finally there is Pete Carroll.  He pulled a “Ron Meyer” and jumped to Seattle before the NCAA could come down on USC for paying off Reggie Bush, buying a house for Bush’s parents and getting him a car.  Yet Carroll wants us to all believe he lived in such a vacuum he never knew what was going on.

What did Tressel do so wrong?  He stuck up for his players, so much so it cost him his job and possibly his career.   Players respect that and expect it from their head coach.

Its doubtful Tressel would get the Colts job.  I can see him as an offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach before he gets a head coaching job.  But Indianapolis would be in better shape if they gave him the job.

Tressel deserves it.

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