TO Working His Way Back to NFL

It’s not very often we chat about an Arena Football game.  Sure this is a football site and the sport as a whole is worthy of coverage.  However the Arena Football league to most of us seems below the bar.

That’s even though there are several former players and named entertainers that own teams and are involved in the sport.  For example, former NFL quarterbacks Bernie Kosar and John Elway used to own teams.  Jon Bon Jovi is an owner.

Now the stories are coming out of the Indoor Football League where the Allen Wranglers have the biggest name in the league, Terrell Owens.  And immediately Owens is paying off.

His persona, along with his talent is bringing out the media to report on his progress.  Owens is there for only one reason, and everyone knows it.  Coming off an ACL injury that led him to miss the entire 2011 NFL season, Owens is playing with the IFL only to show he is healthy and ready to come back.

5700 people poured into the Allen, Texas Events Center to see Owens performance in his first game against the Wichita Wild.  By now everyone knows Owens caught three passes, scored 3 touchdowns on those passes in his debut and entertained the crowd with his touchdown dances in the end zone.

Allen, Texas is a suburb roughly a half-hour north of Dallas. Co-Owner Jon Frankel, when announcing the team had signed Owens, said the receiver will play in all the home games, and it hasn’t been decided yet about road games. Expect the league to put pressure on the Wranglers to bring Owens on the road to help with ticket sales.

The IFL is a 16-team league consisting of teams from various states, including franchises in Green Bay, Sioux Falls, Chicago, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.

This is a two-prong self serving deal for Owens, who never does anything that doesn’t promote his “brand”.   Not only can he be the “big fish in a small pond,” but Owens can also show his talents are where they should be in order to get back to the NFL.

But do NFL owners still want a 38 year old wide receiver coming off an ACL injury with a history or yelling at his quarterbacks on the sideline and pouting at inopportune times?  Still, with those items in his background, Owens could outperform 90% of the receivers in the league right now.  It all depends on the team and what quarterback they have.

You would not want Owens with a Sam Bradford or Cam Newton.  Owens act could intimidate them as young signal callers.  However someone like Peyton Manning or even Tom Brady could be a good fit.  They have the ego and history to stand up to Owens.

Owens last played with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, catching 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns.  Owens is trying to get back into the league to improve on those stats.

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