To The Lions

No, not the Detroit Lions, but actual lions metaphorically speaking.  Tim Tebow to the Jets is akin to throwing the Christian to the lions but it is a trade I get I on several levels.

First level, Rex Ryan has long been focused on keeping the focus of everyone especially the nasty New York media on anything but what the team is ACTUALLY doing on the field or in the locker room.  He would put on a tutu and dance Swan Lake at a press conference if he thought it would keep everyone from looking too closely at the team.  Enter Tim Tebow possibly THE greatest media attention drawing personality today.  Ryan is thrilled that he has someone else for everyone to focus on.  That way, no one asks is Mark Sanchez going to stop attempting 65 passes a game and are the Jets going to be in the playoffs this decade and what’s with all the locker room talk about players not believing in Sanchez?  Yes, with Tebow, Ryan gets exactly what he wants.

Second level, Tebow sells tickets and the Jets are all about selling tickets.  Fans are probably lining up to get tickets and season passes just because Tebow will be there.  It doesn’t matter if he plays or not but he’s there and people want to be a part of the “circus”.

Third level, since Mark Sanchez is only a mediocre QB at best, the team now has 2 of them.  Sanchez can try and complete 1/4 of his 65 passes a game and Tebow can run for 100 yards a game in a wildcat or as a halfback or even as a slot receiver.  You can bet that Ryan and the Jets are going to make use of Tebow’s strengths….running….and let Sanchez continue to try and throw.  At least Sanchez’s throwing mechanics are correct….if often inaccurate.

Fourth level, as a true man of faith Tebow probably believes that God has sent him to the Jets for a purpose.  Maybe not to play football as much as be a witness by his testimony and life.  For Tebow, this is like the ultimate opportunity to share his faith and beliefs.

Fifth level, it causes chaos in the Patriots division leaving them open to focus on actually winning games and therefore going to the Super Bowl again with little resistance.  If the Jets are caught in the “Tebow circus” as they most certainly will be, the Patriots are free to just play football unmolested. For them, the Jets signing Tebow is the best thing ever.

The Jets will make use of Tebow but the circus that will surround that will likely lead to chaos.  What if the fans in New York start calling for Tebow to be the starter after Sanchez bombs a couple of games?  What if the New York media relentlessly digs into Tebow’s life to try and find some crack in the armor of faith?  What if the players who are not fans of Sanchez start calling for Tebow to start on places like Twitter?  Circus, circus.  But what if just for the sake of argument, Sanchez performs okay and Tebow runs all over the place and the Jets actually win more than they lose?  What then?  Will Rex Ryan be the genius he has always believed himself to be?

To the lions in the circus, circus….let the show begin!

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