Tiki Is Delusional

Tiki Barber wants to come back to the NFL because, well, he needs the money.  He was a good player, he was contributing on a very good team, and the Giants were going up.  That’s the thing–then he walked away.

What ensued was just stupid.  He trashed the Giants, Eli Manning, and everybody in New York in the media after he retired.  He took that penchant for trash talk to the TV and started working for NBC.

He even claimed credit for the Giants’ Super Bowl win even though he wasn’t anywhere near the field when it happened.  He actually thought he contributed to a team he was not a member of and basically said was the suckiest in history.

Then, he got hot and heavy with some chick.  He and his wife separated while she was pregnant, he moved in with his mistress, then it turned out to be a disaster.  NBC couldn’t find a place for him on TV, and he was totally screwed.

Now, all of the sudden, he wants to come back to the NFL.  Frankly, I don’t know why an NFL team could take him seriously.  Think about it.

Ok, you’re old, you were good, but not great, when you were much younger, and when you leave you’ll probably drag us through the mud in the press just like you did the Giants.  Wow, that sounds like a great investment.

That was sarcasm.

Tiki, just a word of advice for you.

We don’t like you.  My wife thinks you’re a good looking dude, but you’re not the end-all-be-all.  You turned out to be a jackass the moment you retired, and that turned us off long ago.  You’re the LeBron James of football.  Everybody will be waiting for you to fail and you brought this all on yourself.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Peter McCarthy

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