Three Teams From The Same Division?

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I have wanted three teams from the same division to make the playoffs for such a long time!  It’s been close to happening a few times, and anytime I was writing in the sports media, I would catch on pretty quickly.  Well, if the season ended right now (there’s that dreaded phrase) the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals would ALL be in the playoffs.  Pretty remarkable, huh?

The funniest part of that is that the Steelers and the Bengals would be the wildcards.  Somehow, the Ravens have been solid enough to outlast the Steelers.

So, is it going to happen?  Well, they all need to win in week 17, but who do they have?

Oh, but there’s a snag.  It’s Baltimore AT Cincinnati and Pittsburgh AT Cleveland.  That means that Cincinnati, to keep themselves in the playoffs, will have to knock off the team that is leading their division.  The Steelers will have an easier time of it because they’ll be playing a really bad Cleveland team.  However, that makes for things to get very interesting.

If Cincinnati can win and Oakland, Tennessee, and the Jets, then we’ve got ourselves a veritable miracle on our hands.  If not, then things get complicated and tiebreakers come into play.

This also begs the question:  Who is the toughest division in football?  It was the NFC South for a while, but now, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the AFC North.  If the Browns could get their act together, this division would be even more frightening than it already is.  I know, I know.  They all play the same kind of football and they all seem to succeed during the regular season.

I have to shift my love from the NFC South to the AFC North.  Then, I have to wait with baited breath to see if all three of these teams can make the playoffs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar

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