Thoughts on Week 13

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves with week 14, let’s examine the previous week’s games. You’d think that at this point in the season there would be no surprises, but this has been an interesting year. (To say the least.) Here are some of my thoughts from the previous week.

Sam Bradford
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

The Bengals Know How to Lose
Teams need to know how to win. Each player individually needs to dig deep and find a way to get the ball into someone’s hands, to get extra yardage, to change the momentum of the game. The Bengals really did have a chance to beat the Saints, but they pissed away their lead with a penalty. They know how to lose. Not win.

Teams Losing by a Small Margin
I picked several games as upsets that were so close… they were just this close…. I know, I know, close only counts in horseshoes. Still, the Browns lost by 3, Bucs lost by 4, Detroit by 4, and the Ravens by just 3. This tells me there are still a lot of teams pushing for the playoffs. No one has given up.

The Pats Dominated the Jets
The Jets and Pats have a great rivalry, but clearly, the Pats showed the world who was boss. I’m not sure Rex Ryan knows how to be embarrassed, but if he does he is clearly licking his wounds this week.

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