This Is What Quarterbacks Are Worth

Bruce Gradkowski

It matters.

The Colts got their butts kicked.  I think we now know what Peyton Manning is worth to them.  The pummeling that they took at the hands of the Texans was just pathetic to even read on a scoreboard ticker.  I mean, I can’t imagine a worse way to lose when your best player is sitting on the sidelines.  However, I think we can safely say that Peyton Manning has been the MVP basically his whole career.  Anybody else who got it was just getting it out of sheer nicety.  When Tom Brady was hurt, I don’t think it was ever this bad.

I watched Cam Newton a little yesterday as well.  He was good.  The first thing I said to my Dad was, “Cam learned how to throw.”  I mean, he learned how to throw.  He wasn’t the reason the Panthers lost.  He was a big reason they were still in it.  So, I will now take back everything I said.  Whatever lack of understanding he had of offenses, it must not have had anything to do with his aptitude.  I don’t know if they just wanted it to be simple at Auburn because he was only there one year or what, but he’s clearly got something going on in Carolina.  I don’t think they’re going to win a Super Bowl this year, but they are going to be tougher than we thought.

Oh, and Kevin Kolb, he’s pretty good, too.  It’s the kind of thing that should make us pause and look at how the league is laid out.  The Lions beat the Bucs, in part because Matthew Stafford is really good.  It’s just a neverending display of how nice some teams have it.  If you have a franchise QB, then you’re set for life (or until that guy gets hurt.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Navin75

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