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The Tennessee Titans have a mess on their hands and they have had one for some time now.  They have a coach who by all accounts is a very good one and what he wants is his players to give 100% and to be professional.  They also have a very young, very inexperienced quarterback in Vince Young who seemingly doesn’t know how to grow up and who definitely doesn’t know what the world professional means.  The Titans management has said that they will make a decision very soon.

Fisher has made it more than clear that he will not stay with the Titans if Young does.  He has obviously lost all faith in him as a player and quite possibly as a person.  Young has been given chance after chance after chance to change his ways, to grow up, to man up and has chosen not to.  The situation reached a boiling point when Young threw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands after the Redskins game.  Young hurt his thumb throwing the ball and subsequently was out because of injury but Fisher has made it clear that even if Young had not been injured he would not have been the quarterback.

It is clear that the Titans have a decision to make.  Cut an excellent coach or a player who refuses to man up.  In the world of football, the coach almost always gets the ax and takes the fall.  Teams are just not willing to cut players due to the money involved and the fact that they would then need to get another player and finding a coach is a lot easier than finding a top tier quarterback.  But there comes a point when the player is just too detrimental to the team.  Word has it that several in the Titans executive positions are backing the keeping of Fisher.  But the final decision is up to owner Bud Adams.  Let’s hope for the sake of his franchise, he makes the right decision.

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  1. Navarro Fisher says:

    Could you please explain how a 17year coach that has no Super Bowl wins and a terrible playoff record is an excellent coach? I don’t care it they keep VY or not but please, enough with the Fisher is an excellent coach.

  2. Keep the coach!

  3. Navarro – So without a Super Bowl win or a winning playoff record someone isn’t a good coach? If wins in those games are all that matters – then Fisher sucks. But it’s not all that matters. And without Young on that team – he would have done much better. Players that cause problems affect every aspect of the game. When Young played like an NFL quarterback and a grown man – the Titans did very, very well. When he didn’t and caused problems, they didn’t. Fisher is a very good coach and if the Titans dropped him someone else would snap him up the next day or perhaps the next minute. I’m glad to see they kept him and dropped their cancer. Maybe now they can get some playoff wins.

    • Brian Hall says:

      I agree with Deborah that long-term Fisher is a pretty good coach and obviously one of the most respected in the game, but I do not agree that the Titans would have been even better without Vince Young on their roster this season. Although VY’s season fizzled out pretty abruptly (and he was a cancer in the locker room), it was when Young received a serious hand injury that the Titans season ended six weeks early. The Titans finished the season with a 1-5 mark without the former Longhorn and Fisher proved to not be properly prepared without his star QB despite having the league’s Offensive Player of the Year still active in CJ. The Titans only surpassed 20 points twice in their last 6 games and had two performances where they did not score a single touchdown. If the Titans want to improve next season then Fisher will need to add serious depth to the QB position, but either way Fisher deserves the second chance to improve the struggling offense.

  4. Brian – Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Vince Young could have been and was at times a very, very good QB. No doubt when he played well and like a grown man, he helped the Titans win. No doubt about it. But it was the times he didn’t and the times he acted like a 12 year old that were far too detrimental and too risky a foundation on which to build a team. Sure, the team will suffer losses without him and they will have to rebuild with a new QB, but in the long run it’s the best thing for them to do. I hope Vince grows up and becomes a professional football playing man. I just don’t think the Titans should throw out a good coach in favor of a risky player just for a few more wins and then later to watch your team implode.

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