The Minnesota Vikings Have Issues

Flags for the Vikings
Creative Commons License photo credit: Bjorn Hanson

At some point this field will have to host a new QB…

The Minnesota Vikings had their season thrown away by Brett Favre.  However, he also made their season by running a extremely efficient offense all season long.  He brought the Vikings into their own offensively–a place they haven’t been since 1999.  However, now the Vikings have issues because they have to figure out what they’re going to do at Quarterback.

Yes, he may come back next season, but he’s 40!  At some point he’ll have to stop playing and then what do they do?  Fire Brad Childress?  This doesn’t make any sense.  They need to address this position right now before it’s too late.

Is Tavaris Jackson the answer?  Is he really your future at Quarterback?  If he was future then they wouldn’t have yanked halfway through 2008.  The kid probably has no confidence left and now they might expect him to take the helm again.

Maybe it’s Sage Rosenfels?  Doesn’t he sound like some greasy insurance-salesman-husband of a friend of yours and every time you see your friend you wonder what drew her to HIM?  They even traded for this grease-ball and now they have to pick between him and some kid whose psyche they have annihilated!

Yikes people!

Now, am I saying that the Vikings need to draft a QB this season?  Nope.  You know they could easily find someone who’s on the scrap heap (like Drew Brees) and remake him into Brees’ image to bring the Vikings to glory.  They could easily wait a couple years and wait for the right QB to draft, but if they do that then they give away a couple good years and Brad Childress probably does get fired.

I bet you anything that that’s what happens.  They had a hard enough time getting through this season with Brett and now they expect to do it without him?  Yeah right.

Good luck Vikes fans.  This is going to be a long ride.


  1. As a Bears fan, I’d like to see Favre retire. Although we still have to deal with Peterson for a long time to come.

    • Although with Fave gone, you might be able to stack the line against Peterson and make whoever is the QB beat you Grant

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