The Steelers Are Shopping Big Ben

BIG BEN Now that the suspension has been handed down–6 games at the beginning of the 2010 season–the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be over it and they are going to shop Big Ben as much as they can.  Now THEY are contacting teams about possible trade scenarios.  WOW!  This guy has won two Super Bowls and now they may not even be able to get him traded before the draft.

What are the possible scenarios?

The Rams aren’t moving off the first pick.  They’re taking Sam Bradford and that’s that.

I don’t think anybody’s going anywhere until you get to the Redskins.  Because they have Donovan now, they may not feel attached to such a high pick, but they won’t want a Quarterback.  Womp womp.

What about the Seahawks?  They have a high pick and they still have Matt Hasselbeck.  They could live without someone for now–or find a way to get Tim Tebow later.  Would they be willing to take on Big Ben and go ahead and let Hasselbeck ride into the sunset?

I don’t think so.

We know the Lions don’t need a Quarterback and we don’t think the Bucs do.  Although, it would be funny if Big Ben ended up in Tampa with Santonio Holmes.

What about the Browns?  We know Jake Delhomme isn’t the answer.  They might take Big Ben, but then they’d have to unload Delhomme–in all likelihood.

The Jags–they don’t want David Garrard.  The Bills–the Bills.

The Bills.  An–essentially–Midwestern town that would take on Big Ben because that would rile up their fan base.  He seems like the kind of gritty blue-collar guy that would work in Buffalo.

I don’t know if Jim Kelly would approve, but right the Bills look like the surest bet.  If a trade gets done–it’s to the Bills.  But this is looking unlikely.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rosarito_82

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