The Seattle Seahawks Want Pete Carroll?

Fight On
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nita Marie

If what is going around is true then it is already a done deal between Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks, and I don’t get it.  If you’re Pete Carroll why would leave USC and run to the Seahawks?  Do you feel the NCAA wagons closing in because your program bought people houses and cars and since they already caught Tim Floyd you figure you’re next?  Let me just say this:  If Pete Carroll leaves USC and they get pinched by the NCAA then USC should take some action because that just wouldn’t be right.

If you’re the Seahawks why do you want Pete Carroll when he’s hanging out in L.A. and coaching a near-dynasty?  You’re going to bring him up to Seattle where it freaking rains all the time and it gets REALLY cold in the winter and you think he’s going to be happy?  Oh, I forgot, you’re going to give him complete control.  Complete control does absolutely nothing for a team unless the person in complete control is going to revolutionize how players are evaluated and drafted…that’s it.  Anything less will NOT work.

Think about the last person who had that kind of power:  Jimmy Johnson.  He revolutionized how players are evaluated and drafted…since then everyone’s using his formula.  Unless Pete Carroll has some great new idea on how to work the draft he will surely fail.

The same goes for Mike Shanahan in Washington.  I think Shanahan looks like a Washington Redskins kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean that he has the ability to revolutionize the game from a personnel perspective.

I will give Shanahan one advantage over Carroll.  Shanahan could make ME into a 1000 yard rusher.  Can Pete Carroll work with anything and everything?  I don’t think so.  He’s too used to the massive amounts of talent he can recruit at USC.  This doesn’t look good and it won’t end well.  Sorry Seattle fans…

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