The Reid Era Should End

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Sitting ducks, I mean, Eagles.

Where I didn’t really want to call for Tom Coughlin’s job, but I just thought they needed a change in scenery in New York, I think it is time for Andy Reid to go.  This guy has done good things with the Eagles, but there is something he lacks that Coughlin has–a ring.

That lack of a title and all of the turmoil surrounding this team and this guy is enough to tell me that it is time for him to go.  He pushed Donovan McNabb out the door unceremoniously, then he let Kevin Kolb go and probably paid Michael Vick too early.  Now, he’s got all this talent and now results to show for it.  The Eagles suck.  They’re out of it, and they have no excuses.  NONE.

They have talent all over the field, but their chemistry sucks.  They have all the resources they could possibly ever ask for, but they suck.  They should be killing everyone.  They were a dream team.  Now, they are a doormat of their own division.

The only person we can point a finger at, at this point, is Andy Reid.  He’s been driving the car the whole time.  That car made some nice stops, but he has not produced a championship and the team is spiraling out of control.  If he’s the captain, then he is going to have to go down with the ship.

You could say that he deserves one more chance, but he’s had his chances.  He’s had a hall of famer at the helm twice and a guy who should have been good before he got hurt.  He’s had his fair shots.  Now, it is time to let someone come in and be the fresh new face that that team needs.  They have become too stale and predictable.

It’s time, Andy.  Sorry.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RiverRatt3

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