The Real Problem

So last night opened the NFL season and two of the “top” teams faced off in what everyone was saying would be one of THE games of the year.  Well, it was an offensive showcase & the two QBs were throwing the ball around at warp speed but there was a problem and a very real one.

The score was 42-34.  That’s plenty of offense for sure.  But it’s very little of something else – defense.  Were both sides defense unable to make tackles at all?  Was the downfield coverage on both sides of the ball that bad?  Must have been.  There’s no other reason why there would be a total of 76 points scored and almost 900 total yards on the game.  The defense on both sides obviously didn’t show up.

Running offense didn’t put up their many yards on the game or points.  Green Bay scored 2 rushing TDs but most of the yardage was put up through the air leading one to question both teams secondary.  I know that Brees and Rogers are great QBs but you have got to get coverage down the field or at least some pressure on the QB to keep him from throwing on you at will.

Neither of these things happened.  Especially to Rogers who aired the ball out at will on the Saints with little to no pressure at the line and open receivers everywhere.  Nine packers caught passes on the game and they scored 3 TDs.  Six Saints caught passes on the game and they scored 3 TDs as well.  It is obvious that both teams need some secondary work and more pressure at the line.

If you’re going to allow these “top” QBs to throw on you at will, then your team is going to have a long season.  When they face the Falcons and Chargers these teams will be faced with the same scenarios.  QBs that can throw and if you let them they will throw up 42 points on you.

Of course, any teams that the Packers and Saints face will have to be prepared to do the same, protect against the downfield throws and put pressure on the QB or they will get 40 points put on them too.

The Packers and Saints are already both in a lot of playoff talk, but they both need to address their defensive issues and sooner rather than later or teams could be seeing a lot of these big point, big yardage games.

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