The NE Patriots Need Help

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The air just got sucked out of Gillette Stadium this season…

The New England Patriots finished 10-6 this season and won the AFC East again.  So, why do they need help?

Well, they got into the playoffs and played like they literally had not practiced.  They looked horrible.

Early in the season we had Tom Brady yelling at Bill Belichick on the bench, “What the f%#& do you want from me!?”

Randy Moss had a lackluster season and he didn’t look like the guy who caught most of Tom Brady’s 50 TD passes a couple years ago.

The defense is getting really old and no one can stop that.  They can only plug holes for so long.

Now the Patriots have finished a disastrous season–by their standards–and they have a draft pick they stole from the Raiders when they traded Richard Seymour.  So, what do they?

I think New England needs 3 things:

1.  A new offensive coordinator.  All that yelling that was directed at Brady should have been directed at whomever replaced Josh McDaniels.  The offense sucked…period.

2.  A deeper defense.  They can build a deeper defense by bringing in young guys and coaching them up.  This means every time you’re over an older guy or he can’t do it anymore you just plug in “young player X”.

3.  They need to figure out how to run the ball.  This could be attached to a new offensive coordinator, but really they just need to learn to run the ball.  New England has never been able to run the ball and they aren’t going to fool anyone with 50 TD passes again.

The Patriots need help.  You could add a 4th thing to this list and that is…a therapist.

This team looked stricken this season.  They looked depressed.  I don’t know if it’s because they know their “window” is closed or what, but they need help.

Find them a couch…please!


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    The NE Patriots Need Help…

    The New England Patriots finished 10-6 this season and won the AFC East again. So, why do they need help?…

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