The Packers and Bears For The NFC Title — My Verdict

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This is about what Soldier Field's going to look like.

If you listen to as much sports radio as I do you’ve no doubt heard every possible angle on both title games.  However, the NFC title game is the most interesting because it provides us with a platform by which we might actually have to trust Jay Cutler.

Think about it, Cutler is getting better at running when plays break down, throwing the ball away, and not slinging it around just for fun.  He is improving.

He’s also standing behind one of the worst offensive lines in recent memory.   They just aren’t very good, and that presents a problem when Clay Matthews and BJ Raji are coming for you.

I can’t predict exactly how that portion of the game will play out, but I still know this:

Even if we trust Cutler and he’s brilliant, Mike Martz can still screw this game up big time.  One too many pass plays and the Bears lose their running rhythm.  Matt Forte has to be trusted with the game.  In his hands the Bears win or lose.

In fact, Matt Forte is the Bears’ best chance at reducing the amount of touches Aaron Rodgers gets.  And isn’t that how you keep Rodgers from beating you on deep passes over and over again?  In my opinion, that’s their only option.

Add in the horrible condition of the field, Forte takes a few slips, now you’ve lost a few more touches, and the Packers get the ball way too much.  Of course, Packer players will lose their footing as well, but if Forte falls down and a fingertip is touching him the play is over.  If a defensive back slips and Forte is falling down at the line of scrimmage then it doesn’t matter.

Field conditions + Mike Martz being pass happy + Rodgers = Packers in the Super Bowl.
Creative Commons License photo credit: familymwr

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