The Odd Quarterback Out — Kevin Kolb

2010 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule - Kevin Kolb
Out of all the quarterbacks getting talked about this draft season there’s one who is completely on the outside looking in.  He began the season as the heir apparent to Donovan McNabb and ended the season as one of the biggest pieces of trade-bait we’ve seen in a long time.

Factor in the lockout, the inability of teams to make trades, a draft filled with quarterbacks (worthy or not), and Kevin Kolb is the odd man out.

By this time, any number of teams could have made a deal for Kolb so that they could avoid having to reach in the draft and take an Andy Dalton or Jake Locker.  Well, with the lockout in full-force the teams can’t communicate with their players and they can’t make trades.

So, every team that needs a quarterback is likely going to take one in the draft — and high.  Now, they’re invested in this new quarterback and there’s no room for Kolb to come onto the roster because a competition at that position would invalidate their high draft pick.

That leaves the question:

Will someone wait for the labor issues to be resolved and make a move for Kolb after that?  As in, they already decided they wanted him so we’re just speculating that they’ll take a QB when, in fact, they have no intention of drafting one because they plan to deal for Kolb.

I can see that.  So, who’s it going to be?

Not the Bengals.  They’re too stupid to realize Carson Palmer is dead serious about retiring unless they move him.

Not the Panthers.  They’re sold on Cam Newton.

Not the 49ers.  Not even the Titans.  I think the Cardinals and Dolphins can wait. 

Arizona’s situation is much worse and they need impact defensive players.  Miami has Chad Henne and can wait even longer if need be.

So, it’s between Miami and Arizona.  Which one blinks first and makes the move for Kolb?

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