The NFL Should Be Ashamed Of Itself

It was announced today that the NFL was going to give 2.5 million dollars to schools, parks, and community fields for fixing and refurbishing. This is slated to benefit 15 locations where NFL teams play and the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of them.

Here is the list of locations. Atlanta; Spartanburg, S.C.; Chicago; Alexandria, Ky.; Grafton, Ohio; Pueblo, Colo.; Detroit; West Allis, Wis.; New Orleans; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia; Penn Hills, Pa.; Clearwater, Fla.; Madison, Tenn.; and Washington.

It is great that the NFL is giving money to these locations to help them rebuild and fix up what is currently broken and needs mending/upgrading. That is something the Roger Goodell should be very proud of.   What is so appauling to me is the fact that 15 locations are getting this money, which means each local will get approximately $166,000. That’s a good deal of money I am sure, but after doing some checking, that is the same amount it cost for field turf.

Are you kidding me? An organization that makes almost $10 billion a year, run by a commissioner that makes $25 million a year, donates only 10% of what the Commissioner makes in a season.   I realize they give to lots of organizations, but right now there is an education epidemic in this country. Schools are run down and some not only do not have enough money to fix the school, but fields, stadiums and facilities are in even worse condition.

I look at this as a slap in the face to families that live in these districts, not to mention the ones that did not qualify or will not be getting any funds at all. The Commissioner had this to say on the subject.

“Community fields are the pillars of neighborhoods across the country, places where families can ‘play 60’ together in a safe environment,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

The commissioner thinks so much of these neighborhoods, he really only wants to help a handful of them. That is my problem. The NFL could donate $10,20 or even $30 million and not sweat, it even with all the other money they donate to other causes.    So I propose an even better idea.

The NFL should make each franchise donate $2.5 million to each cities local facilities if they really truly care about the cause they spoke about. That turns this $10 million dollar donation into an over $60 million donation.    When you put $2.5 million in each community, then you are really able to do some good work.     Instead of 15 facilities across the country, you can fix up almost that many in each NFL region.

In the same sense, Art Rooney, Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers should have been donating $2.5 million to the community every year to fix up the local facilities.    Many NFL players come from Western PA, so would it not be nice to give a little back to the community that has contributed to the sport.

That is my whole problem with this donation. It’s a token, not enough to really help, nor is it enough to help enough locations. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL can afford to help out the communities more than they do. It’s about time to start giving back to the people that give them so much.




  1. http://J%20Garcia says

    Are you for real!? You should be happy they are donating anything at all. What should be happening is the municipalities and local governments handling their revenues better to take care of things like parks and rec areas rather than waiting for a handout. And what about the residents that live in these areas and use the facilities? They should get together and do something to improve their own communities.

    • I am for real. It is great to give money. But $10 million to the NFL is a drop in the bucket. This is a $10 billion business. The Steelers Franchise is worth $1 billion and I can say that Dan Rooney does not give enough to the community. He could afford $2.5 million without trouble. Jacksonville is worth half that much and could afford $2.5 million a year.

      If they truly care about the community and the game, then they will start really trying to promote it properly. The Pirates are worth 1/4 of the Steelers. They give approximately the same amount in donations to the community from my research. There may in fact be more money given out that we or I am not privy too, but from the surface…this is a real problem for me. Thanks for the comment!

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