The New NFL Schedule Is Padded

There goes the hope.

The last time I talked about the newly released NFL schedule I was talking about (and so many people were talking about) the September 11th games and how the NFL wouldn’t dare miss those.  I mean, that was a plausible reason to think this thing was going to be resolved before the beginning of the regular season, right?

Well, I was wrong.

The schedule has been padded to ensure that games can be made up.  That means that the NFL thought, “If we miss opening day we can make it up ‘here.'”  That’s not a very comforting thought.

Now the NFL says there’s no date by which they would have to start cancelling games.  It’s so weird.  On one hand they release the schedule.  On the other they pad it like they plan on missing games, but they say they don’t have a firm deadline for cancellation.

It is just the most confusing thing I’ve ever heard.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m getting mixed signals.  The NFL feels like that girl that always talked to you about all her stupid boyfriends, but never wanted you to be one of them.  You got strung along like crazy for months or even years, didn’t you?  This is basically the same thing.

“Hey, we’re playing games on September 11th, we can’t miss those!”

“Well, we’re prepared to miss them though.”

“Oh, by the way, I know you asked me out, but I’m not ready to answer yet.  I need to go wash my hair and it could take a while.  Why don’t I get back to you in a couple months?”

Is this not the most frustrating thing ever?  Maybe the judge can just find in favor of the players and end this lockout.  That would make this much easier.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Eric Kilby


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