The Most Compelling Super Bowl

2008 NFL Super Bowl XLII

Let's try again

As a 49ers fan, I am disappointed that I don’t have any rooting interest in the Super Bowl, but there is the idea of the “most compelling game.”  Surely, the most compelling game is the Patriots and the Giants, and that is what we got at the end of the day yesterday.

The next best thing, then, to having your favorite team in the game is the game with all the storylines.

We have the rematch.  The Giants ruined a perfect season for the Patriots a few years back.  Sure, the teams are not exactly the same, but the idea is the same.  These teams don’t like each other, and the Patriots are still nursing a grudge over a Super Bowl loss.

So, what will we see when we get the game?  I don’t know.  I know that we are going to hear more hype than you can possibly imagine.  We’ll be ready for the game come next Monday, but we will have to wait, and the teams will have to get rusty as they take another week off.  Again, it doesn’t really matter what the teams are like right now because they will be rusty come game time.  We’ll spend the whole first half wondering who is going to come out of the funk first.  That’s just the way it works.

Now, we have to ask ourselves.  Is there a weakness that we think one team can exploit?  Well, the Patriots defense isn’t awesome, but the Giants offense is cooking.  Is that the Achilles’  Heel here?  I think so.  The Patriots will have to come up with a way to make the Giants defense less effective against them.  That happens, and that game is over.

Otherwise, we could end up with a compelling game in the second half.  I wonder who’s going to blink first.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

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