The Man With the Million Dollar Hair

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is well known to the sports world for three things: his punishing hits, injury prone body, and long silky hair.

And today it was announced by his endorsing company Head and Shoulders that the famous long locks of the feared safety have been insured for one million dollars. And I would like to know what Steelers nation thinks of this fufu development?

And we all have seen the commercials highlighting Polamalu’s mane and we all remember the awkwardness of the TV spot suggesting that Polamalu’s mop is so beautiful that it is memorizing to even postgame male sideline journalists, but is such an insurance policy really necessary considering this guy is supposed to represent the working class Steel City of Pittsburgh?

I find this development to be hilarious due to having several family members that come from the city of Pittsburgh. My entire life I have been told that the city of Pittsburgh and it’s athletes are different then anywhere else. I have been lectured to that the town only supports those that represent the tough city with their blue collar work ethic and no nonsense approach to the game of football. The city of Pittsburgh is supposed to have athletes that don’t worry about their hair products, but care more about their chances of scalping an opposing player.

Well HaHaHa!

I still think Polamalu represents the city of Pittsburgh well considering the fact that he has won Super Bowls and considering the fact that the safety is determined, hard working, and has already overcome plenty of setbacks to continue playing at a high NFL level.

But this is the modern day and endorsements and publicity are considered part of the NFL experience and sometimes reign supreme over actual results on the field. The days of the Jack Hamm, Jack Lambert, and even “Mean” Joe Greene may be long over for the Steel City, but that doesn’t mean that the heart and soul of Pittsburgh is forever lost either. In fact some might say that it has been extended into an entirely new and exciting entity.

In other words Jack Hamm’s grizzly man beard has been channeled into the long beautiful locks of wavy black hair that Polamalu supports…

Still I’m enjoying a good laugh today. But at least Polamalu still has hair to endorse unlike another famous former Steeler that is featured on Fox’s pregame show. 

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