The Loss Of Junior Seau Is Everybody’s Loss

Junior Seau was found dead at the age of 43, and, I have no plans on getting into the details of whether or not it was self-inflicted.  It’s not worth it.  The bottom line is:  Losing Junior Seau is every sports fan’s loss.  He was one of the greatest players of all time, and he was certainly the most energetic player who ever played the game.

I heard someone mention this morning that only two guys he had seen play the game like they were still in middle school were  Brett Favre and Junior Seau.  I would propose to you that Junior Seau played the game like he was in elementary school.  Nothing against Brett Favre, but Junior Seau had more energy than everyone else in the league combined.

He was such a great player that I was afraid he was going to hurt someone on my beloved 49ers during the Super Bowl in which the 49ers played the Chargers.  He was that good.

His numbers alone speak for themselves.  He’ll waltz into the hall of fame, and rightfully so.  Can you name many more linebackers who were even close to that good?  There aren’t many.  In fact, most of the linebackers whom you would consider to be as good or better than Junior Seau are all old-timers who lived in a different NFL world where there were no rules.

Seau’s world had rules, and he ran over everybody simply by being the most energetic person on the field.  He forced his opponents to wonder what he would do next because he was so ready for every play that he couldn’t wait to hit somebody.

That energy and enthusiasm defined someone who I always thought of as a great guy.  It’s a sad day because we don’t want to lose anybody in this world, but for sports fans it is especially tough.

Farewell, Junior.


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