The Lockout Is Over–Now What?

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With the end of the lockout comes the need for every NFL to get its house in order, fast, so that the new league year can start soon.  That means people are getting cut, contracts are being negotiated, and familiar names are going out in the cold.

As I read the tales, I’d say the most disturbing of those cuts is what’s going on in Baltimore.  They are planning to let go of Willis McGahee, Todd Heap, and Derrick Mason.  Mason, I can understand simply because he’s an older dude.  However, letting go of McGahee kills their three-headed monster they had in the backfield.  Moreover, Heap is a machine at tight end.  That’s a big loss if he isn’t re-signed.

There are also tons of free agents out there that need a new home.

Nnamdi Asomugha could go anywhere and make a huge difference in the defensive backfield for anybody.  Plus, he’s worth the money.  The Jets need to re-sign Santonio Holmes if they know what’s good for them, and that leaves Braylon Edwards on the market.  Maybe he would be a good fit in Baltimore?

The lockout being over also means that undrafted free agents can agree to contracts.  So, teams can go ahead and fill up their rosters and just amass talent.  This is the perfect opportunity for every team to just scoop up a ton of guys and see if anybody sticks.  It’s more than the wild west.  It’s like swooping the little net in the fish tank at the pet store and seeing what you get.

And my favorite angry receiver, Vincent Jackson, has no idea what San Diego wants to do with him.  AJ Smith says that Jackson asked for $50 million, and Jackson’s agents have denied that claim.  Either way, it looks like Jackson is leaving San Diego.  It’s probably for the better anyways.

And there’s more calamity coming tomorrow!

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