The NY Jets Gave Me a Gift!

New York Jets iPhone wallpaper The Jets finally stand out after many years fading into the background…

The New York Jets stunned the San Diego Chargers (and all the doubters) to defeat the San Diego Chargers and move on to the AFC Title Game.  The game was filled with hints of disaster from both teams, but two things really stand out for me.

1.  Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates…

combined for 204 yards receiving and my prediction that Darelle Revis would shut him down went horribly wrong.  However, it didn’t matter because somehow almost all of Jackson and Gates’ receiving went for not.  There’s no excuse for the Chargers to have those two guys catch the ball that much and NOT win the game.  None at all.  In fact, if you had showed me the box score without any indication of who scored I would have hung my head and prepared to concede an 0-4 weekend.  (As it was I was 1-3 and the Jets provided my only win.)

2.  Nate Kaeding Missed 3 Field Goals!

How in the hell does Nate Kaeding miss 3 field goals?  This dude is the best kicker in a LONG TIME and he comes out and misses 3 field goals in one game!?!?!?!  Personally, I don’t understand it.  Now, it would be really easy to blame Kaeding for the loss, but over the years I have come to understand that when the kicker is holding the game in his hands the rest of the team did a poor job.  In fact, we always run these amazing stats that show how LITTLE kickers and punters do to show how well the team is doing.  Well, if the kicker is kicking more than PAT’s then that means the team is doing something wrong.

The Chargers offense was supposed to be so great, but they couldn’t punch it in.  I thought that their inability to pass would sink the Chargers, but they passed it just fine.  The problem was the running game.  Somehow Darren Sproles and LDT couldn’t square themselves to the line the way Reggie Bush learned how to on Saturday and that meant less conversions and more field goal tries for the Chargers.  It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

Now that the Jets move on all I have to do is figure out who wins a contest between Darelle Revis and Reggie Wayne when the Colts can go without Reggie Wayne if needs be.


Creative Commons License photo credit: xploitme


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