The Hype Machine

Cam Newton had an orchestrated, choreographed, completely non NFL workout in gym shorts yesterday and you would have thought he was the next Tom Brady with all the hype afterwards.  Trent Dilfer put on his Cam Cam He’s Our Man T-Shirt and single-handedly gave Newton all the hype anyone could ever want.  For what exactly?  And some NFL teams seem to be seriously buying this and putting him as their #1 pick for the draft.  Desperate much?

Look, if you take any decent college QB, put him in gym shorts, let him throw in an orchestrated and choreographed setting, in front of ONLY the sports media without any scouts, coaches, or NFL GMs in attendance, you’re going to get something that looks really, really good in clips.  JaMarcus Russell looked really, really, really good in the same exact kind of workout.  You can make anyone look good that way.  But that’s not an NFL workout.  That’s not taking different plays and schemes and making them work.  That’s not getting the ball out when you’re being rushed by linemen.  That’s not showing anything that would actually translate to the NFL field of play.  Sure he can throw a ball in his gym shorts while basically standing still unrushed.  And that tells you what exactly?

Apparently it told 6 NFL teams that they need to put him #1 on their draft list.  There’s desperate and then there’s delusional.  Newton played the shotgun for his entire college career, and a very simple one at that where he made basically one read and either the ball was out or he was.  There was no depth of defense reading.  There was no football smarts involved.  NFL football is a lot more than what Newton has played or knows.  And then there’s the measure of the man himself, but more and more NFL teams seem not to care about any of that.  It looks like Miami is currently hot and heavy on Newton – let’s just hope they don’t get a Russell repeat in their desperation and haste.


  1. Brian Hall says:

    I agree that Newton hasn’t proved himself on the NFL level yet, but you have to at least give him a chance to succeed before you lable teams interested in him as “desperate” and “delusional”. He has yet to prove that he has the football smarts to succeed on the next level, but when Tom Brady was his age he hadn’t proven that yet either. Brady was a second day draft pick for a reason. The reason was that he was a mediocre college QB that was often benched for the likes of Drew Henson. Cam Newton may be the next Russell or he could be something way better. Only time will tell.

    • He could turn out to be much better but my issue is with these teams seeing THIS workout and then putting him as their #1 draft pick. There’s nothing in this orchestrated workout to make anyone do that unless they are just desperate or very gullible. Either way – they are putting their eggs into a hyped basket.


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