The Giants Let A Player Work Out Post-Lockout

Giants Vs. Arizona Cardinals 10/25/09, Giants Stadium
Everybody’s understanding (including mine) was that NFL players could report to their team’s facilities today, but that they couldn’t do much.  No workouts, no talking to the coaches, etc.

Well, the New York Giants had a different idea.  They had three people show up:  Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs, and Chris Canty.  Manningham and Jacobs didn’t do much, but they did talk to the staff and coaches.

Chris Canty got to workout AND talk to the coaches.  WOW!

Obviously, any good reporter is going to ask why.  I love Canty’s response.  If you didn’t think sports were heated in New York you’ll see now.  Reporters told Canty the Jets didn’t let players work out.  He said:

“OK, but this is the New York Football Giants, though.  It is not the Jets.”

Um, booyah!

I appreciate how Brandon Jacobs kept up the positive attitude:

“That is the difference between this organization and all the other ones out there.  They want us to get in and get some work in because after all is said and done, we are still their players and we are going to be the ones playing so why keep all of our resources from us?”

True, very true.  However, I can understand the liability behind working out without a CBA.  Still, it was pretty cool of the Giants to let Canty workout.

I know some of the guys have workout bonuses written into their contracts, and I know the teams don’t HAVE to let them do anything, but the Giants just shot WAY up on my respect meter by doing this today.  They basically took a stand and said, “These are our guys.”

Everytime we mention classy organizations we always mention the Steelers and Packers, well, I think there needs to be room on this list for the Giants.

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bari D

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