The Giants In Trouble!

The Giants.  Oh, the Giants. They dazzled us with that magnificent Super Bowl win over the Patriots and they took the league by storm.  Eli Manning became a star, he threw the most iconic pass in the history of the Super Bowl, and now his coach, Tom Coughlin, is a complete mess.

More than once, people have called for his job.  This time, they might actually get it.  I think there is no way in the world that we can get around the fact that the Giants are tanking big time this year.  They lost in terrible fashion to the Saints last night, and now we have to look at the real possibility that it’s time to blow up that team and start over with Eli and some other guys.  Do any of us really believe they can turn this around?


However, Eli is not too old for them to just say they are pushing the reset button and turning over a great deal of their talent.  Leave him his receivers and just scrap everything else.  I don’t think anybody should be fired, per se, unless they REALLY suck, but Coughlin probably has to go too.  A fresh voice and fresh faces in New York would be good for everybody.

Right now, the media is killing them, the team is giving up, and there is only so much you can do when you haven’t played the Cowboys yet AND you will probably lose to the the two times you play them this season.

They really couldn’t be in more trouble, but, just a few years after an unexpected Super Bowl win, it’s probably time for a change.  If they don’t pull off the band aid now, they will be in worse shape when Eli retires and they are left with nothing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Peter McCarthy

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